Freitag, 12. Juni 2009


this blazer is from stella mcartney,its in a peach colour,i find that you have to pull the arms just a little bit up,like 3/4.under you can put some nice summer dress or a nice silk t-shirt and a high waist skirt or some short jeans,shoes put just some nice roman sandales or high heels from you are ready for everything.a nice day just in the city for example:)
this one is from zara

this are from marc jacobs and stella mcartney...

and this one is the same one as the first peach blazer,its soooo nice,i love it:)

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  1. oh wie schön..hach ich hab ja auch einen, aber irgendwie weiss ich nie mit was ich ihn tragen soll! hoffe finde bald was und spätestens in london oder amsterdam!:)